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Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential: Master Your Day with the Ultimate ADHD Planner!

Statistic #01

every adult who has ADHD also had symptoms during childhood.

Statistic #02

adult ADHD can affect your career, relationships, and other aspects life.

Statistic #03

adhd costs the economy up to $138 billion yearly in lost income and productivity.


to help you work on your skills and capacity to better manage your adhd symptoms in your everyday life.

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Audit current stats of customers


Conduct focus group discussions


Apply first strategy on customer expansion


Analyze and track results


Get lessons from first strategy and apply to second strategy

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why you need this planner


Research indicates that using an ADHD planner can lead to a reduction of up to 40% in anxiety levels. It acts as a tool for organizing thoughts.


Individuals with ADHD can experience up to a 30% increase in daily productivity when using a structured planner.


Incorporating planners for ADHD can become approximately 25% more effective in time management.

the adhd planner

Plan My ADHD is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and professional journey for individuals with ADHD. Released by a passionate team of entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges and strengths of ADHD, our mission is to empower and enable those with ADHD to thrive in the business world.

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Entrepreneurs with ADHD often struggle with maintaining focus and managing their time effectively. This is why The ADHD Planner is vital to your success.

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